[Tutor] Perl template toolkit accessibility

Bill Campbell bill at celestial.net
Thu Aug 5 00:48:42 CEST 2004

On Wed, Aug 04, 2004, Tim Johnson wrote:
><gr> I know this is a *python* ML. Anyway, I
>     program in python, my partner programs in
>     perl. The perl template toolkit is pretty 
>     awesome, and he says he thinks that there are
>     hooks into it for python. Does anyone
>     know anything about this?
>Pointers to docs and links would be just fine
>at this stage.

You might look at Zope and Plone.

I've done a fair amount of programming using the perl CGI::Application and
HTML::Template modules, and am pretty new to python, Zope and Plone (PZP).
The perl modules mentioned above allow one to build complete applications
using standard perl methodology, using templates to largely separate the
display and programming efforts.  Zope templates mix pretty freely with
scripts (python), ZSQL methods, data connectors, and other objects which
allows what may be a more flexible building block approach rather than a
more monolithic application, and thus easier for relatively inexperienced
people to use for ad-hoc pages, queries, and applications.

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