[Tutor] Checking to see whether or not a filesystem is mounted--?

Kalle Svensson kalle at lysator.liu.se
Sun Aug 8 02:46:08 CEST 2004


[Marv Boyes]
> Anyway, enough preamble. I'm wanting to write a small graphical applet 
> for mounting and unmounting filesystems with a button-press. Can anyone 
> suggest a method for testing whether or not a particular filesystem is 
> mounted (so I can inform the user with a message dialog)?

I'd probably try reading the output of `mount`.  This consists of one
or more lines, formatted something like

  <device> on <mount point> type <fstype> [(<options>)]

If there is a line matching the device you're interested in, the
device is mounted.  Otherwise it isn't, obviously.

Symbolic links could make this more difficult, I suppose.  E.g. if
/foo is a symlink to /mnt/bar, /foo won't appear in the `mount` output
even if /mnt/bar is mounted.  I assume there are other difficulties as
well.  Otherwise it wouldn't be any fun, would it?

Program output can be gathered with os.popen and friends or any of
several third-party modules.  For this purpose, I think os.popen is
sufficient.  Read more about it on
http://python.org/doc/lib/os-newstreams.html#os-newstreams .

Good luck!


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