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Bill Campbell bill at celestial.net
Wed Aug 11 20:39:02 CEST 2004

On Wed, Aug 11, 2004, Alan Colburn wrote:
>Hi all --

>I know this is OT, but this list seems to have a lot of folks who love
>Linux. If I'm way off base here, please accept my apologies.

>I recently "discovered" Linux, via the Knoppix CD. I must say, I was both
>surprised and excited by what I saw! Now I'd like to learn more and install
>a distribution on one of my laptops. I could either reformat an old laptop
>(166 MHz, ~90 Mb RAM, 2G HD) or find space on a newer machine. Which path
>would you recommend?

That laptop is a bit anemic for current Linux distributions.  I've been
running Linux on a ThinkPad 600 for five years, starting with Caldera
OpenLinux 1.3, and now have SuSE 9.0 Professional on it.  The latest
versions of SuSE won't install on less than 128MB of RAM (I have 256MB in
the ThinkPad).  You can install a very stripped down version on a 2GB hard
drive, but that would leave out much of the fun stuff.

You can buy some pretty nice boot-only machines between 3 and 4 hundred
USD, and Fry's has machines with Linux installed for about $200.00.

>If the safer alternative of the older machine sounds good to you, which
>distribution(s) will run well on a machine that old?  I've had a hard time
>finding an answer. Alternatively, if I should go with the newer machine,
>how large a partition do you think I would want? (I'd probably use the
>newest Mandrake, based on the common perception of its ease for newbies; I
>don't need every app in the world installed. Once Python is in place, what
>else does one really need? :-).

We moved all our Linux to SuSE about two years ago, and IMHO it's the best
engineered distribution available today.  I recommend the SuSE
``Professional'' packaging, particularly if one is going to do much
development work, as the ``Personal'' version doesn't always have the
development libraries without building them yourself, and some programs I
use aren't in the personal version.

SuSE 9.1 Professional is quite complete, and has standard packages for
python, apache, zope, etc.

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