[Tutor] Re: Dual interface app

Mike Hansen mhansen at cso.atmel.com
Thu Aug 12 20:19:18 CEST 2004

Thanks Kent.

Three modules also occurred to me, and I'll probably do just that. I 
just needed to verify if I was on the right track. What's nice about 
Python is that any program/script can become a module.


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> Re: [Tutor] Dual interface app
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> Kent Johnson <kent_johnson at skillsoft.com>
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> Thu, 12 Aug 2004 12:00:19 -0400
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> Your solution is a good one - get the command line program working, 
> then write a separate cgi interface to the same functions. You may 
> want to have three modules - the functional module that does the work, 
> the command line interface module and the cgi module.
> Kent
> At 09:21 AM 8/12/2004 -0600, Mike Hansen wrote:
>> I'm thinking of making an program that can be run from the command 
>> line or through a web page. The program requires a couple of 
>> arguments. At first I thought I could check the command line 
>> arguments, and if they didn't exist check the cgi form values. 
>> However, I started running into problems when I thought this out 
>> further. What if someone runs it from a command line and forgets to 
>> add the arguments? The program will check for command line arguments, 
>> then it will check the cgi form values and assume it's being called 
>> from the web interface. The responses would have to be either in text 
>> or html.
>> One solution I thought of was to get the command line interface 
>> working in one program. Then write another program for the web 
>> interface importing the command line program and using the common 
>> functions.
>> Does anyone have any other ideas? Is there a way to detect if a 
>> program is being called from the command line vs web without too much 
>> voodoo?
>> Mike
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