[Tutor] Please comment my -first- script

Bernard Lebel python at bernardlebel.com
Thu Aug 19 09:24:20 CEST 2004

Hi Kent,

Thanks for these new suggestions, again I implemented them and all is well.
See my comments below.

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> Change line 141 to build a list of the integer pads instead of strings:
>                                  aNames.setdefault( sName, [] ).append(
> int(sPad) )
> Now your loop to check all the frames becomes just a few lines:
>                                  for iFrame in range( iStart, iEnd + 1 ):
>                                          if not iFrame in aPad:
>                                                  # So we reached here
> because we could never find a match for the virtual padding and the
> collected ones.
>                                                  print '            Not
> found: ' + sName + '.' + str(iFrame)
> Sweet!!

Indeed, this is sweet. A big thanks for that.

> - You should put the setdefault() call inside the try block for
> because if you get the exception then sName and sPad haven't been set
> will have stale values in them probably):
>                                  try:
>                                          sName, sPad, sExt =
oFile.split( '.' )
>                                          aNames.setdefault( sName, []
> ).append( sPad )
>                                  except ValueError:
>                                          pass

Well yes, I didn't have the choice to do that, because otherwise the script

> By the way do you understand what the setdefault call is doing? This is
> of the coolest Python idioms I know. (I'll let you figure it out :-)

Hum not really. I have looked in the documentation but could not find much
details about that. Can you elaborate if you don't mind?


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