[Tutor] where is this returning from??

Reed L. O'Brien reed at intersiege.com
Wed Aug 25 15:47:44 CEST 2004

OK silly question.  I am going throught a book about Python so I can 
learn it.  Following (loosely) the book I made a script.  When I run it 
all is as expected.  Exept when calling the first branch of the if 
statement that calls chantTwice that calls printTwice. It always returns 
the appropriate answer followed by \n None (outputbelow script).  I can 
seem to find where it is getting none from!!  Can someone tell me what I 
am missing so I can move on.  I just am not seeing it.


p1 = 'this is part one'
p2 = 'this is part two'
verb = 'run'
noun = 'home'
nickname = 'abode'
feeling = 'home sweet home'
alien = 'work'
name  = raw_input("What next?\n")
#name = input(prompt)
def printTwice(output):
  print output, output

def chantTwice(p1,p2):
  cat = p1 + p2

def thought(name):
  if name == noun:
    print chantTwice(p1, p2)
  elif name == verb + ' ' + noun:
    print feeling
  elif name == nickname:
    print 'The most beautiful place ever is my ' + nickname
    print 'I want to be home!!!'


%python why.py
What next?
this is part onethis is part two this is part onethis is part two


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