[Tutor] time.sleep?

Christian Wyglendowski Christian.Wyglendowski at greenville.edu
Wed Dec 1 20:51:45 CET 2004

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> hello I am using time.sleep(seconds) within a while loop. I 
> don't understand the output from this loop. I pasted it below.

Hey Jeff,

Looks like you are using wxPython.  I am not an expert by any means, but
I have been doing some stuff in wxPython recently too, so I'll see if I
can help.

> When I push the go button I would expect first that the 
> message "monitor initiated" would appear in the text field, 
> then another message "monitor sleeping", then a delay in time 
> caused by sleep(), then another message "checking file size". 
> I would also expect this to occur ten times because I have a 
> for loop. however what happens is that nothing appears in the 
> text field until const_checkTime*10 seconds have gone by and 
> then all the messages appear, that is there are three 
> different messages and ten replicates. So nothing actually 
> appears until the for loop and sleep are finished. 

I think that is because wxPython is waiting for the function to exit
before updating the GUI.  Since your OnGoButton() function sleeps for
some amount of time, it will take a while before the GUI gets updated.  
> if I take out the for loop, no messages are executed before 
> the time delay, the delay takes place and then all three 
> messages appear. I would like to use a while loop and have 
> this work continuously although nothing appears if I do this.

I think that you will find the wxPyWiki page at the following link
helpful.  It gives a few different options for accomplishing basically
what you are trying to do.
After all the threading talk on Tutor a few weeks ago I forced myself to
get familiar with them and they aren't that bad.  That said, the
threaded example at the link above looks like the best solution.



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