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Olli Rajala olli.s.rajala at tut.fi
Sun Dec 5 17:28:01 CET 2004

Rick Muller(rick_muller at yahoo.com)@2004.12.04 05:28:11 +0000:
> The advantage of pickle is that you don't have to
> decide on a text format for your data -- it just dumps
> and then reloads the python code. You can waste a lot
> of time deciding on a text format, implementing the
> readers/writers, etc.

Well, it may be an advantage or it may one of the worst options... I
try to avoid binary formats whenever possible. They're harder to
debug, and usually don't offer much benefits when comparing to textual
formats, etc. Read for example The Art of Unix Programming from
Eric. S. Raymond if you want to know more.

So, it may take much time to implement your read/write-functions but
it's almost always at least as good as binary approach.

Of course, as usual, YMMV and IMHO.  :)

Olli Rajala

"In theory, Theory and Practice should be
the same. But in practice, they aren't."
- Murphy's Proverbs

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