[Tutor] CGI Video collection application File I/O troubles

Chad Crabtree flaxeater at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 6 16:28:49 CET 2004

Olli Rajala wrote:

>>Ok. I tried running the script on my Apache server on Windows NT
and IT
>>WORKS!!!! The script saves the values of videodb keys correctly.
>>I don't get it. Why does the exact same script work on Win and not
on Linux.
>>Oh, did I mention I am developing the application on Linux. And now
I tried
>>it on Win XP with Apache and it works. On Linux I have httpd too.
>Have you triplechecked that you really can write to the file. I
>know how python would react, if you can't write to the file (raise
>IOError perhaps) but it doesn't cost you anything to check that...
You know.  I that is what happened to me once.  I could not for the
of me figure it out.  I just chmod 777 it.

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