[Tutor] Python 2.3.5 out in January??

Dick Moores rdm at rcblue.com
Tue Dec 7 10:41:05 CET 2004

Just saw this on comp.lang.python.announce.

I don't understand this. Why is a new version of 2.3 being worked on 
after 2.4 has been released?

I see Tim Peters has said this on python-list:
===========begin Tim Peters' post===========
[Brett C]
 >> Anthony Baxter, our ever-diligent release manager, mentioned this 
past week
 >> that Python 2.3.5 will most likely come to fruition some time in January
 >> (this is not guaranteed date).

[Roy Smith]
 > Interesting.  Does that mean that 2.3 and 2.4 will be maintained in
 > parallel for a while?  That would be awesome.

They'll be maintained in parallel through 2.3.5 in January, which is
all Brett said.  If history is a guide, after 2.3.5 nobody will
volunteer to work on a 2.3.6, and 2.3.5 will be the last release in
the 2.3 line.  It's *possible* that volunteers for 2.3.6 will appear.
That would be unprecedented, but not impossible ...
============end TP's post================

I ask here because I'm sure it's a newbie question. It's got me wondering 
if Microsoft is still working on Windows 3.1..  ;-)


Dick Moores
rdm at rcblue.com 

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