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Robert, Andrew ARobert at MFS.com
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Have you considered redirecting input from the terminal session itself?

On Linux, I think you can test against sys.stdin.isatty() and assign a
variable to /dev/tty.

The methodology is similar on Windows but you need to import msvcrt and
grab msvcrt.getche().

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Has anyone ever tried to send commands to a running interactive python
session from, say, the command line or another app?

If so, please let me know how you achieved this.


On 12/1/04 4:10 PM, "Vincent Nijs" <v-nijs at kellogg.northwestern.edu>

> Hi,
> I am trying to send information from an editor (vim) to an interative
> program (say the Python commandline, R, Matlab, etc.).
> I have tried to connect a named pipe to the interactive program using
> mkfifo. For some reason this doesn't work properly however (<eof>
seems to
> be the first thing sent).
> Could anyone provide a very very simple example where from a terminal
> command line I could send, say, 'x=3' to an open interactive python
> I'd like to have something that works on WinXP and Mac (or Linux).
> Thanks!
> Vincent


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