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Ron Phillips RPhillips at engineer.co.summit.oh.us
Fri Dec 10 14:02:06 CET 2004

I sent the following yesterday, but since it was my first request to the
list, I got an autoreply. It never showed up in my digest of the list,
and I haven't seen a response. It's in the archives, but I am thinking
that archiving/autoreply was all that happened (no actual posting.) 
Anyway, I am looking hard at PIL, and a little at PyGame. Still looking
for suggestions, though.
I work for a Civil Engineering organization. I need to give our users a
means to generate geographic coordinates for our projects and
I plan to do this by making a viewer which will accept a graphic file
(png or jpg) and two  points (pixels) in that image for which geographic
coordinates are given. Users can then click on the image where
appropriate to generate a list of geographic points of interest for
their work. The list will be saveable as an xml file or a shp file (a
widely used geographic binary format.) In addition, other programs that
I write will use the viewer as a dialog box:  will call the viewer
directly and get the points from it, just like a color picker dialog.
What I am looking for: thoughts on which Python modules are most
appropriate and generally applicable for this. PIL? Piddle? PyGIS? some
of Hobu's modules? I believe I can write the glue-code, but I don't want
to reinvent the wheel if there are existing modules that do almost (or
even better, exactly) what I need.
I work on WinXp, Linux, and WindowsCE. WindowsCE has a fairly
plain-vanilla Python build, so it's better if I stick to the core
modules as far as possible.
Ron Phillips
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