[Tutor] Problem with python2.4.

Jacob S. keridee at jayco.net
Thu Dec 16 04:42:03 CET 2004

If you mean the "Internet Connection Firewall" thingy that you access from
the network connection options, then Nope, that's not the problem, because
it's disabled.

Thanks for your help,

> Seeing this comment reminded me of some conversations I've seen in
> comp.lang.python recently.  Apparently newer versions of IDLE create a
> subprocess to run user-code in (so that IDLE runs in a different
> interpreter than the code you type into IDLE), and communicates with
> that subprocess through sockets on the loopback interface (that is,
> the 'network connection' that connects only to itself).  Overly
> aggressive firewall programs may block those socket operations.
> I'd check whether XP's built-in firewall is enabled, and if so, check
> whether it might be blocking connections to loopback / localhost /
> (all of these indicate the same thing).
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