[Tutor] Python structure advice ?

Dave S pythontut at pusspaws.net
Fri Dec 17 20:16:07 CET 2004

Kent Johnson wrote:

> Dave S wrote:
>> Dave S wrote:
>>> The 'remembering where is was' seems a continuous stumbling block 
>>> for me. I have though of coding each module as a class but this 
>>> seems like a cheat. I could declare copious globals, this seems 
>>> messy, I could define each module as a thread & get them talking via 
>>> queues, given this serious thought but heeded warning in previous 
>>> posts. I have thought about returning an list of saved 'pointers' 
>>> which would be re-submitted when the function is called. I don't 
>>> know which way to turn.
>> Having written this email, it has put my thoughts in order, though it 
>> seems a bit cheaty, wouldn't defining all modules that have to 
>> remember their internal state as classes be the best bet ?
>> Dave
> Why do you say this is 'cheaty'? A class is basically a collection of 
> data (state) and functions to operate on that state.

Sorry for the delay, real world work got in the way ...

Well I understand classes to be used when multiple instances are 
required, I will only need one instance and as such it seemed a bit of a 
cheat, The trouble is I now pretty well understand the tools, but don't 
know how you guys use them in the real world.

> You might be interested in this essay:
> http://www.pycs.net/users/0000323/stories/15.html

I found this particularly usefull,

> It might well make sense to organize your program as a collection of 
> cooperating classes, or maybe a collection of classes with a top-level 
> function that stitches them all together.

Yes, this is the way I see things progressing, from 20,000ft this makes 
a lot of sense.

> You might also want to learn about iterator classes and generator 
> functions, they are a technique for returning a bit of data at a time 
> while maintaining state. You might be able to structure your input 
> stage as an iterator or generator.
> http://docs.python.org/tut/node11.html#SECTION0011900000000000000000
> http://docs.python.org/lib/typeiter.html

I remeber iterators from 'learning python', I was concerned about 
several modules all 'having a iterator' to the next, debuging would be 
scary ! I think I will go the class route.

> Kent
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