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Rene Bourgoin r2b2 at myway.com
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Ive been learning to interact with databases using python and i was looking for ways to return a SELECT  query result in a plain format. what i mean by plain format is :

name         number        address
Fred Smith   2125553243     1 main st 

All the pratices ive done return the results in tuples or tuples within tuples.
(('fred smith','2125553243','1 main st'))

I saw some examples on activestate that use the dbcp module and import the pp ( pretty print ) function and the results from the examples were in the format i was looking for. just straight strings in a tabular format. no tuples.


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<br><br>On Fri, 17 Dec 2004, Rene Bourgoin wrote:<br><br>> Yes i believe im looking for the python version of the Jakarta databse<br>> connection pool!!<br><br>Hi Rene,<br><br><br>I haven't looked at this too closely yet, but there are projects out there<br>for connection pools.  For example:<br><br>    http://sqlrelay.sourceforge.net/<br><br><br>Some prominent Python projects, though, appear to use their own homebrewed<br>connection pools.  Zope appears to do this:<br><br>    http://zdp.zope.org/projects/zfaq/faq/DatabaseIntegration/954522163<br><br>SQLObject maintains its own database pool:<br><br>    http://wiki.sqlobject.org/connections<br><br>but also refers to 'DBPool.py':<br><br>    http://jonpy.sourceforge.net/dbpool.html<br><br>I'm not sure if one database pooling solution has emerged as a dominant<br>one yet, though.<br><br><br>Good luck to you!<br><br>

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