[Tutor] Re: OT: Flow chart

Jorge Luiz Godoy Filho godoy at ieee.org
Sun Dec 19 12:07:23 CET 2004

Eri Mendz, Domingo 19 Dezembro 2004 08:35, wrote:

> Hello All,
> I'm looking for any good link or tutorial of flow charting i can use
> related for programming. Maybe having symbols and similar stuffs. This may
> sound old-fashion or antiquated to you but i feel this may help me with
> the logic and flow controls when i do code in python.
> Anyone pointing me to the right direction is appreciated.

Take a look at UML.  It has several diagrams that help a lot and, depending
on the tool you're using, you can even generate the skeleton of the code
from the diagrams.

If you're on a *nix platform, take a look at Umbrello.

Be seeing you,

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