[Tutor] implementing a table data structure in python?

Thomas Clive Richards thomi at imail.net.nz
Wed Dec 22 02:06:44 CET 2004

On Wednesday December 22 2004 11:58 am, Alan Gauld wrote:
> Hows about a dictionary of lists. A key per column. The
> users pick which columns and you retrieve the lists. And
> of course shelve will treat a file like a dictionary...

Ahhh.... that's better..

I guess I should clarify: it's not lists per se that I find "silly" (a poor 
choice of words), just their use for this particular problem...

Anyway, I took a look at KirbyBase, and decided to use that... it does almost 
exactly what I was trying to write myself, and does it reasonably quickly 

Thanks for all your help.


Thomi Richards,
thomi at once.net.nz

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