[Tutor] happy holidays!

John Purser johnp at milwaukielumber.com
Fri Dec 24 20:01:13 CET 2004

I'm in on the Spaceship but off potatoes because of the carbs.  And can we
modify that to "reasonable honest communication" please?  "No, you're not
fat", "This is delicious", "No, I don't think you're mother is insane." all
have their rightful place in a peaceful community!

And I got my Christmas wish when UPS delivered my very own RS/6000!
Happiness is being root on your very own 'nix box!

Merry Solstice Season everybody!

John Purser

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100 foot tall mashed potato sculptures representing the common roots to 
all belief systems is my holiday wish.

That, and a really neat spaceship.

Seriously though, I think the best part about "happy holidays" is the 
Happy.  Spread Happy wherever you go. Make it the great plague of the 
new age.  But plaguey in a... good way.  Not the bad, everybody is 
afraid of it and dies from it sort of way.. that's not happy... not 
really.  amusing in monty python flics, but not in real life.. no.


ps.. I'm all for honest communication too.. That kicks patooti!

Bob Gailer wrote:

> My holiday (and everyday) wish is that we be in touch with our deepest 
> needs (love, contribution, autonomy, creativity, recognition, etc).
> That we notice in what ways our holiday customs, habits, behaviors 
> meet or fail to meet these needs.
> That we communicate our needs honestly to those in our lives and ask 
> them the questions above.
> It might be that we discover that parties, gifts, cooking, decorating, 
> spending, etc. doesn't meet anyone's deepest needs.
>  It might be that open honest communication will go much further to 
> satisfying our needs.
> Invite your friends and loved ones to debrief the holidays in this 
> light and to create next year's in a way that is more satisfying,
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