[Tutor] A better way to do it.

Hugo González Monteverde hugonz-lists at h-lab.net
Sat Dec 25 19:14:57 CET 2004

The title can be changed with a method of the root window.

 >>> help (Tkinter.Tk.wm_title)
Help on method wm_title in module Tkinter:

wm_title(self, string=None) unbound Tkinter.Tk method
     Set the title of this widget.

so you can do:


Jacob S. wrote:
> Okay, here's the code.
> I am completely open to suggestions as this is my first dabbling in Tk.
> Please look over it when you have time.
> I have a couple of questions.
> 1) How do I change the title of the window?
> 2) Why does a window pop up saying something like error, the memory could
> not be "read". I'm running
> Windows XP, the script window disappears, and everything, just this message
> pops up.
> Jacob Schmidt

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