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David Broadwell dbroadwell at mindspring.com
Mon Dec 27 23:42:41 CET 2004

As the sig says, I'm David Broadwell.

I'm 29, 30 this July. Married in hurricane alley (Florida), with a 18 month
old daughter. I'm a student as well, finishing my AA.ENGR and heading to USF
for a Dual Bachelors of CS and EE. I'm instrumentally challenged as far as
making music, but as far as carving or other buildcraft I can make tools
sing. Python is my first functional language since I retired my BASIC
interpreter on my Atari 800XL, mostly because of the interpreter ... Sure
I've dabbled over the years, but after having to play with C*'s malloc or
Java's Private function Psychotic Data crud, dropped them like hot rocks to
go back to shells and batch files.

I've been a TechnoGeek these last years, and understand
doing(whatEverTheHeckTheBossWants) and
explaining(whyTheEmailBoxCan'tBeOver2gb), I'm moving into something more
relaxing ... Now why that's NOT Computer Engineering is a story in itself.

My little mantra below is very close to the scientific method, for a reason.


Programmer's mantra; Observe, Brainstorm, Prototype, Repeat

David Broadwell

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