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Alan Gauld alan.gauld at freenet.co.uk
Tue Dec 28 10:49:38 CET 2004

It was late last night and I messed up sending this. 
I'll try again in the cold light of day... :-(

 > But who are you all, what are you're ages,
> what do you do, marriage status,

46, married, no kids, new house, big mortgage :-(
 I am an IT architect for the UK national telecomms
company, BT, and am responsible for the architecture
and design of all the systems used in our call
centres (about 40 sites, 15000 agents and 250 systems). 
My background is as an electronics engineer and I
worked 10 years as a professional software
engineer (using Lisp, SQL, Pascal, C and C++) before
moving into architecture.
 I use Python for my own research and also as a
prototyping language for things that will eventually
be coded in Java. I am increasingly using Jython to
test Java components built by my developers and 
 exposed as web services.
More info on my likes, dislikes and views on professional 
topics at:
When not programming I enjoy photography(still & video),
music/HiFi, climbing mountains (and skiing back down).
And don't tell my wife, but I actually quite enjoy 
working in our garden!

More about by hiking escapades here:



Alan G.
PS Several of the links on the pages above May be 
broken... the mountain site is still under construction.

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