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27, married, have a 6-month-old boy.

After an MA in literature, I went back to school for a CS degree (about
halfway finished now). Java and XSLT/XML pay the bills, but I would use
python if I could. I enjoy Faulkner, Bach, algorithms, and swimming. I got
interested in computer science because (to me) writing programs feels a lot
like writing short stories or poetry. Likewise (to me), some algorithms
(heapsort, quicksort) really seem to sound like fugues.

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 I'm a father of two girls, living in Massachusetts.

Professionally, I've been a VMS/Unix Systems Admin for the last 17 years.

This includes designing high availability, fault tolerant configurations
and management of disparate fiber storage area networking solutions.

As an admin, I do a good amount of  DCL, shell/Perl scripting and C/C++
development in support of production cycles.

Recently, I've been doing work with IBM's WebSphere MQSI messaging but
that's still in its infancy.

I hope to use Python as the scripting language to interface with this.

A module called pymqi, http://pymqi.sourceforge.net/, will be the step off
point for much of this.

Thank you,
Andrew Robert
Systems Architect
Information Technology - OpenVMS
Massachusetts Financial Services
Phone:  617-954-5882
Pager:   781-764-7321
E-mail:  arobert at mfs.com
Linux User Number: #201204

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Jacob S. wrote:
> I hate to sound weird...
> But who are you all, what are you're ages, what do you do, marriage
> etc?
> You obviously don't have to answer, I'm just curious who I'm boldly
> emails to.
> Jacob Schmidt
> P.S.
> I'm a student. 14 years. Play the piano better than I write scripts.
> etc.

G. Rodrigues, 32 years, single and available. I'm a Mathematician, doing
research and teaching (but more of the first). My general area of
expertise is Category Theory although, since I'm working on things
related to theoretical physics I end up meddling in a lot of other stuff.

So how did I end up in Python Tutor's list, hein? Well, I have done here
  and there some small programming jobs and since I had the freedom I
ended up choosing Python. I also know Java, C++ and Scheme, but it
really is Python where I'm most comfortable. One thing led to another
and well, I ended up here answering this or that email.

Oh, btw, living in Portugal and planning to go to Australia for a postdoc.

Best regards,
G. Rodrigues
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