[Tutor] Output to a printer

Luc Saffre luc.saffre at gmx.net
Wed Dec 29 20:30:15 CET 2004

Hello Alan and Bob,

wow, two interested people! This gave me the necessary motivation to 
work today on getting the thing published ;-)

First look here for a more complete example:

The textprinter package is a part of "Lino", and I'm afraid you will 
have to install the whole project --- even though you're interested only 
in a small part of it. Sorry, but Lino is my personal all-in-one 
metaproject and at the current stage I don't plan to split.

The website is very new and not yet, er... optimal, but I hope you'll 
get what you want by following the instructions on

Otherwise just ask the author (I certainly won't answer "RTFM").


On 29.12.2004 00:09, Alan Gauld wrote:
> Hi Luc,
> I'm interested.
> Does it handle more than plain text - although even that would be
> good!
>>I wrote a module that permits something like:
>>   d = Win32PrinterDocument(printerName,spoolFile)
>>   f = file(inputfile)
>>   for line in f.readlines():
>>      d.PrintLine(line.rstrip())
>>   d.endDoc()
>>Output will go to the specified Windows printer. Unfortunately I'll
> need
>>some time to make it ready for the public. Tell me if you are
> interested.
> I was going to try doing something similar (if I ever get time!)
> using the WSH objects. What approach are you taking? It looks
> (from the EndDoc reference) that you are using the native GDI?
> Alan G.
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