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Gheorghe Zugravu zugravu_gheorghe at list.ru
Wed Dec 29 21:40:32 CET 2004

hello to everybody,,

mu name is george and I am from Moldova, for those who dont know, a small country placed between Romania and Ukraine. 

in order to respect the subject of this mail list I wannt to say that I just discovered the python and I can not say to much about it, but i just wait to work with it and to be able to take part deeper in the discussions.

And of Course with Happy New Year!!!!

Gheorghe Zugravu

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> > Season's Greetings Jacob and all the circus.
> > Not to be nosy, Jacob, but is that 14 years old (or 14 yrs a student)?
> >  Married at 14 might be a little wierd!
> 14 years old. I should have put " single (obviously) ", or something like
> that.
> However, where I live--Portland, IN--the high school kids are already
> engaged.
> As for me, I couldn't get a girl if she even liked me. ; )
> Jacob Schmidt
> > I'm 60, been 25 years a-programming from 6502 asm through COBOL via
> > Java ... now doing Windows Installer packages and perl scripting, from
> > which i hope Python will be an escape or at least a diversion.
> > Alan
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