[Tutor] Maths (slightly OT)

Cwikla, Joe CwiklaJ at diebold.com
Tue Feb 3 15:03:20 EST 2004

Electrical Engineering. AC circuit analysis, Electromagnetics ... 
the list goes on.  Without a solid knowledge of logs/exponents it's 
just impossible.  

And, when it comes to larger numbers, I find it easier to do 
everyday mental math with exponents.  

Let's see ... this yard is about 

400 feet x 80 feet=(4x8)x(10**2)x(10**1)=32x10**3 sq feet
Each bag of fertilizer covers 16,000    =16x10**3 sq feet per bag

32    10**3
-- X  ----- = 'I'll take two bags please'
16    10**3

Good luck with your son, mine is 9 :-)

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>Hi Pythoners
>My Son has challenged me to name a few careers that would use Maths
>exponents and all the calculations in them as a way of getting out of
>learning them. Obviously, programming and basically anything to do with
>Computers is foremost in the answer, but I was hoping that you studious
>types would be able to supply me with more than the obvious answer.
>Hoping to hear from all the career people that can use Mathematical
>Calculations on a regular basis.

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