[Tutor] globbing and sorting and dating, oh my!

Kirk Bailey idiot1 at netzero.net
Wed Feb 4 12:55:27 EST 2004

Ok, I want to write a WHAT'S NEW function for wikinehesa the 
wikiwikiweb system I wrote in python. This is something to sort 
through available pages, organize/sort according to date, chop off 
that portion of the list which is older than FOO days old, and concert 
the date to something mere normals will comprehend, then print each 
item as a line in a web page- as a link of course. NATURALLY I grok 
the html part. converting data data to calendar is a little odd to me, 
and I am considering several ways to organize the data- and as arrays 
are not inherent to python, I am going to use several parallel lists 
instead. I throw open the front door to discussion, suggestions, ON 
TOPIC BAUDY HUMOR, and anything else that fits in through the door.

If the dates are a list, and I sort the list, the corresponding list 
of filenames no longer corresponds. THIS is an issue which looms large 
in my army surplus used brain.


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