[Tutor] Maths (slightly OT)

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Feb 4 19:23:34 EST 2004

> My Son has challenged me to name a few careers that would 
> use Maths exponents and all the calculations in them as a 
> way of getting out of learning them. 

Anything vaguely scientific. Including architects, 
electrical engineering, building trades, draughtsmen,
chemists, meteorologists etc

Also anything vaguely numeric like: statistician, 
accountant, businessman, stocks trader.

Almost any kind of graphics type thing including 
animators, graphics artists etc.

Navigators either on boats or planes.

In fact its kind of hard for me to think of a 
reasonably well paid career out side of entertainment
(including sports in that) that doesn't involve 
exponentiation somewhere. Its so fundamental to everything 
in our world and iniverse that you can't hope to understand 
any physical, chemical or natural phenomenon without it!
You might as well as what careers use the ability to read...

> Hoping to hear from all the career people that can use 
> Mathematical Calculations on a regular basis.

Depends on what you mean by use them. I use my understanding 
of exponentiation every day, but I actually do exponential 
"sums" maybe 6 or 7 times a year... But every time I discuss
the "law of diminishing returns", or radiation half life, or 
electronic timing circuits (important in my job!) I am 
relying on an understanding of exponentiation. In fact every 
time I adjust the volume onmy TV or HiFi I am using that 
same understanding, and when I hit the gas pedal in my car...
Every time I listen to a CD or talk on my cell phone, I'm 
using exponentiation... its everywhere.

Alan G.

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