[Tutor] file transfered through ftplib not the right size

Michel Bélanger michel.belanger at seidel.ca
Wed Feb 4 21:10:13 EST 2004

As you suggested, I open the file in binary and it did it i.e.

before: f = open(outfile, "w")
after: f = open(outfile, "wb")

Thank you very much.  I am new in Python and find this usergroup very 
efficient.  I posted several requests this past week, and always 
received very useful information.

michel belanger

Karl Pflästerer wrote:

>On  5 Feb 2004, Michel Bélanger <- michel.belanger at seidel.ca wrote:
>>but the file received is not the right size (larger), i.e. 5150 kb
>>received vs 5136 kb
>>Any idea why?
>I'm not sure but you open the file for writing in text mode.  Try it
>with binary 
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