[Tutor] Short Version, New guy looking for some tips, Revisited.

Joshua Banks syn_ack at comcast.net
Sat Feb 7 16:26:53 EST 2004

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Ok. Long story short.

> Specifically, I would like to accomplish the following with a Python
> script.
> 1) Compress all files located in "/var/log/portage directory 
> 2) Have the Python script create a subdirectory located within the 
>Parnet "portage" directory called (example) "LogArchive", and place 
>the compressed files from the "portage" directory into newly created 
>subdirectory "LogArchive".
> #My Mental note: I would preferably like to compress all files
> together if possible instead of individually. Not sure how that is
> best done though. Maybe thats directory compression... Hmmmm.. never
> done that before. (Again any example will suffice)

What am I REALLY asking for?????????

What I'm really asking for is for someone to provide a simple script 
that accomplishes the goal above. """But Why"""" To Study....really

""""Important part of this email"""" 

The important part of my email isn't to have a Python script compress a 
directory for me..NO...NO....NO I can do that with Tar or Bzip from the 
command line very easy.

The important part is to look at """"How"""" a Python script could be 
written so that I can """"reference"""" the steps taken and research 
the Python documentation at each step of the way through the script.

Im sure there are probably more than a few ways to accomplish my 
compression goal with a Python script. All I'm looking for is an 
example that I can reference. Again, the important part isn't file or 
directory compression with Python...... but the """steps""" taken. An 
example of """"""How"""""".

Am I asking for  a simple example. Nothing more than that.

Joshua Banks
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