[Tutor] Short Version, New guy looking for some tips, Revisited.

Joshua Banks syn_ack at comcast.net
Sat Feb 7 19:40:23 EST 2004

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On Saturday 07 February 2004 03:46 pm, Nick Lunt wrote:
> Hi Joshua,
> I'm also a beginner at python, but I know what your saying.
> Also I'm working on a small compression/archive program and the list
> helped me out with that.
> However, in a bid to help you understand a little of the linux/python
> crossover here's a prog I wrote to give me a list off my currently
> installed gentoo apps. But do read the comments in it as it's not
> perfect and the way it does things could be better. Also, I no longer
> run gentoo so I am unable to test it at the moment although it did
> run fine last time I ran it on gentoo.
> The prog is attached as Im not sure how my formatting will turn out
> if I cut n paste it here.
> Also, I recently bought 2 python books, 'python text processing' and
> 'learning python 2nd edition'. The learning python book is excellent,
> and seen as how you already know shell scripts you will have no
> problems working your way through that book and understanding it. The
> text processing book Im not keen on, altho it is a recent book.
> Anyway, hope my little prog helps you out.

Thankyou very much Nick. Much appreciated.

Joshua Banks
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