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Nevow, a replacement for Woven in twisted is coming along quite well. It allows
for easy templating.  You can find information at:
Nevow is very powerful and allows for templating from disktemplates or providing
a template in your code.

On Mon, 09 Feb 2004 10:13:23 -0500
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> Hello,
> Yesterday I was looking around all of the options for building a database
> driven website with python and my head is spinning with all of the
> options. I installed mod_python on my linux computer and ran the test
> script in the manual and it works although it doesn't appear as straight
> forward as I thought. I'm starting to really like python and really don't
> want to go back to php unless I have to. 
> Here's what I would like to do.
> Write my code in python.
> Call a template file
> Output the data from my python and template file to the browser
> Some areas of the site I would like to output static html files from my
> python/template code.
> I have no interest in learrning another language or complex framework
> like zope to do this. I would prefer to use just python. The problem I'm
> having is that this doesn't seem possible for me. From what I understand
> of mod_python I have to write special handlers for every script that I
> write. I may be understanding it wrong. 
> I tried something like:
> for i in range(1,10):
>     print i,
> #req.write() gave me undefined errors
> I saved this file as num.py. when i load this file in my webbrowser
> http://localhost/num.py. I get an error from the publisher.
> In the end I just want to build my site in a straight forward manner. I
> didn't bother with all the other frameworks like pmz because I'm not
> allowed to install software on the host server, I can only use the
> preinstalled mod_python.
> If it is too difficult to use python, then I was thinking of using php to
> interact with my database instead. I read somewhere that python can be
> used as a "backend" to a php site. What does this mean? Can you possibly
> give a scenario where python would be used as a "backend".
> Sorry for all of the web related questions but I'm madly confused. My
> whole purpose to learn python was mainly for building data driven
> websites with ease of modification.
> Bobby
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