[Tutor] Printing problem

bansal shitiz shitizb at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 4 19:19:21 EST 2004

I am developing a printing program in python for printing msoffice documents using win32com.client.
My question is:
How do i specify the various printoptions.
Im aware of PrintOptions method.
For example:
to print a ppt presentation:i specify
ppt.ActivePresentation.PrintOptions.RangeType = 1
ppt.ActivePresentation.PrintOptions.NumberOfCopies = 3
ppt.ActivePresentation.PrintOptions.Collate = msoTrue
What are the other options which i can specify using PrinOptions(i need many more like duplexing, no of pages per sheet etc.)
Can somebody provide me with a complete list.
Unfortunately its not there in the manuals/internet.
You can mail me at shitizb at yahoo.com
Thanking you.

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