[Tutor] python homework

SSokolow from_python_tutor at SSokolow.com
Tue Feb 10 16:26:15 EST 2004

The language doesn't change that quickly and once you know one, it's a 
lot easier to learn more if you so choose. You just have to get used to 
the concepts and methods of thinking which they all have in common. It's 
really simple after that.

In my experience, the biggest problem is deciding what kind of thing to 
practice. All the little exercises are so useless that I find myself 
setting too big a challenge. If you can solve that problem, then it 
doesn't matter how little time you have to learn.

roy ollis wrote:

> i notice quite a few requests are answered "study more.  you dont 
> learn by someone else doing your work" etc.   where are all these 
> classes and how can i find one to sign up for?  self learning with 
> little time isn't going very well,  and it'll probably take me so long 
> to learn the python language it will have changed so that all i know 
> is how it used to work.  thanks for any help.
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