Python 2.3 on RH 7 Re: [Tutor] How to print to a file? (fwd)

Magnus Lycka magnus at
Fri Feb 20 07:26:47 EST 2004

denny wrote:
> By the way, how can I install a higher version of python(at least than
> python2.2) on RedHat 7.3?
> Shall I find one that have complied for the very RedHat 7.3 system?

Maybe it's time to upgrade your OS? RH 7.3 is a bit dated...

It's typically easy to build Python from source on Linux
systems, but you should notice that RedHat uses Python
for system administration tasks, so replacing /usr/bin/python
with something newer might break OS tools. (But RH 7.3 uses 
Python 1.5.2. as /usr/bin/python anyway, so either you've messed 
up already, or you have the Python 2.2 binary installed as 
something else anyway.)

It's typically safe to install whatever you want under /usr/local
though. But this is really much more of a Linux question than a
Python question.

The source is at
and brief instructionas at

I think it gets installed at /usr/local by default, but I
wouldn't swear on it.

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