[Tutor] REgular expression

Martin Gandhi bioinfo_python at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 25 23:23:29 EST 2004

Hi group, 
 I am a newbie to Python.  I am trying to parse the content between " ". My file containts a list of 5000 vertices, please see below.
I've been trying to parse the content inbetween quotes ("xxxx"). 
My Regular Expression:
>myre = re.compile("\s\"/[a-zA-Z0-9]\"/")
>m = myre.match(str)
>print m.group()
I tried several other option, but every time I get None as the answer. 
Could any one please help me in getting the content between quotes. A part of the file that I have to parser is pasted below:
*Network aho2
*Vertices  5000
1 "EGFR" box
2 "Src" ellipse
3 "RIP"
4 "SHP2"
5 "SOS1"
6 "SOS2"
7 "Epiregulin"
8 "Grb2"
9 "EGF"
10 "Cbl"
12 "Caspase1"
13 "Tenascin C"
14 "G(alphai)"

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