[Tutor] IDLE/XP

Rob Andrews rob at jam.rr.com
Thu Feb 26 20:05:50 EST 2004

In the arena of Windows, one option is always to uninstall and then 
reinstall, paying careful attention to any details that might make an 
impact in functionality. And with XP, security settings can also be an 
issue. For instance, was Python installed and configured while logged 
into the machine with Administrator powers?

When I read your problem, I downloaded Python 2.3.3 as a 
limited-privileges user, then logged in as a user with Administrator 
privileges to handle the installation (using default install options). 
Logging back in as a limited-privilege user, I was able to run IDLE 
without incident.

Can you think of any details that might stand out on your end?


Jeff Peery wrote:
> hi, I have a little problem. I'm just learning python and I downloaded 
> the latest windows installer 2.3.3 I ran the executable and installed 
> everything correctly.  I'm running widows xp.  the programs are all in 
> the start menu, I can see the command line executable and the IDLE 
> executable and the help files.  all of these things work except for the 
> IDLE executable.  If I choose it, my computer thinks for a bit (the hour 
> glass shows up) then nothing happens???? any ideas of how I can make it 
> work? thanks!!

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