[Tutor] getting idle to run

Dave S pythontut at pusspaws.net
Sun Feb 29 07:44:12 EST 2004

Im runing gentoo1.4, python-2.3.3  +berkdb -bootstrap -build -doc +gdbm 
-ipv6 +ncurses +readline +ssl +tcltk -ucs2
I have some experience of basic, forth, 6502, 8051 assembler & bash .. 
but am just starting out on python.

OK here goes ... how do I get IDLE to start ?!

I am following "learning python" O'reilly.
Typing "idle" from python generated a "not defined error".
"import idle" generates "no module named idle"

I have searched my hard drive & have found its source ...


However I am stumped !

Its probarbly realy simple to solve - but the book glosses over this bit 
& a google has not faired much better.

Any help much appreciated


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