[Tutor] getting idle to run

Stewart Midwinter stewart at midtoad.homelinux.org
Sun Feb 29 11:45:56 EST 2004

Dave, looks like you're running linux, like me. In my distro, Mandrake 9.2, I
have the following menu entry:
Applications | Development | Devlopment Environment | Idle
So, check for that.   If you don't, you could make up a desktop shortcut based
on the following:
open a terminal, cd to your idlelib directory, and type
python idle.py

Works for me, anyway!


On Sun, 29 Feb 2004 12:44:12 +0000
Dave S <pythontut at pusspaws.net> spake thusly:

> OK here goes ... how do I get IDLE to start ?!

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