[Tutor] Modfying Proxy, HTTP 1.1, and chunked mode

SSokolow from_python_tutor at SSokolow.com
Thu Jan 1 01:20:23 EST 2004

I enjoy reading the Anime Addventure ( 
http://addventure.bast-enterprises.de ) but the sheer size of it makes 
it difficult to track where I've been. After finding that my usual 
method (write a CGI Proxy in Perl) was unsatisfactory, I decided to 
start into python.

After a few failed attempts to write a proxy from scratch ( no surprise 
considering that it's my first project ), I managed to find Munchy by 
Neil Schemenauer and Tiny HTTP Proxy by Suzuki Hisao. I decided to use 
Tiny HTTP Proxy and I've completely commented the code (great learning 
experience) and made some improvements.

I did manage to implement the non-expiring page history but I don't want 
to limit the proxy to HTTP 1.0 and I don't know of any easy way to 
modify a HTTP 1.1 chunked data stream. My goal is to wrap any link I've 
already visited in <strike></strke> tags but all I can do so far is have 
the Python console print "You have already been to %s".

*My question:*
   Is there any simple way to apply the requred changes to Tiny HTTP 
Proxy (  
http://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-list/2003-June/168957.html ) or 
do I have to go with one of the more complicated proxies on sourceforge? 
I just want something that will give me a secondary non-expiring history 
list within the confines of addventure.bast-enterprises.de and provide a 
platform for some other features in the future.

You can get the sources as 
http://leary.csoft.net/~ssokolow/python/pyAddWrap.zip since I thought 
that they were a little too long to be attached inline and I don't know 
what happens to attachments which are sent to the mailing list. (this is 
my first time on a mailing list of ANY kind) If you lose the URL, you 
can also just go to www.ssokolow.com and browse to the Python section.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the length

Stephan Sokolow

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