[Tutor] keeping the program alive

Kirk Bailey idiot1 at netzero.net
Sat Jan 3 18:24:53 EST 2004

ok, before I comment, can I please see the actual code in question? Starting 
with the 'while 1:' statement, the entire loop EXACTLY bit for bit the way 
it is in the script file. Please post it on the list.

matteo wrote:

> hi everybody!
> i've put this in my small program, just to keep it running continuosly
> while 1:
> connect_to_server() #it does some things..
> sleep(120)
> i execute the program with "python script.py &"
> it runs well for about 5 minutes but then it quits.
> how can i fix it ?
One thought occring to me is what sort of a connection to the server is it, 
and will the server time out if the connection remains alive for too long? 
but until I know more, I lack a clue.

> thanks
> matteo
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