[Tutor] Help with IDE please

SGD vibrations at cetlink.net
Sat Jan 3 23:15:26 EST 2004

You might be interested in "stani's python editor" or "boa constuctor",
IMHO these two are my favorite editors. Boa is great for working with
wxpython or normal py scripting\programming, and spe is just great IMO
and real easy to extend. If it's simpisity you're looking for you might
like "pype".


I know you didn't ask about these IDE's, but I really like them better
than most others, but I do tend to find myself in pythonwin a lot. I'm
not real keen on using idle nor DrPython but that does not mean they are
not good editors.

Happy pythoning

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pxlpluker wrote:

> To date i have been using the pythonwin IDE buts its acting real 
> flakey lately. How is idle or DrPython. and where can i find a 
> tutorial on IDLE?
> tia
> Fred
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