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Jorge Godoy godoy at ieee.org
Wed Jan 7 04:48:12 EST 2004

On Wednesday 07 January 2004 05:49, Michael Janssen (Michael Janssen 
<Janssen at rz.uni-frankfurt.de>) wrote:

> On the python vs C speed topic I want to bring in discussion,
> that's the python interpreter has a looong startoff time (Yes, it's
> really bad: my python "hello world" runs *twice* as long than a
> shell version (See below for details). 10 times slower than GNU
> hello. Some might claim that 40 ms in total arn't that long at all.
> But when your webserver shal deliver a "hello world" multithousands
> times per minute it aches). Remember: this is solely a matter of
> interpreter *startoff* time. That means, running through a long
> programm doesn't do consume twice the time, too. Not at all.

When running in a webserver one would like to benefit from other 
things such as mod_python, Zope, etc. The same happens for Perl (and 
you know it's widely used on web) where mod_perl keeps a running 
interpreter so that it eliminates the startup overhead (actually it 
does more things, but this is the point you brought up). 

There's also Medusa, for servers in general and not specifically 
webservers (although you can use it to write one...). 

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