[Tutor] absolute locations

Daniel Ehrenberg littledanehren at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 8 18:43:54 EST 2004

> Well, that's a way that works, but I, for one, am
> not
> completely convinced that the first way shouldn't
> work.
> Why should someone be forced to type the first "\\",
> especially since that might change on a per-os
> basis?
> Later,
> Blake.

If you're refering to the C drive, it's not going to
be at all cross-platform at all, considering that
practically all modern OS's except for Windows use an
everything-is-a-file paradigm. The only way to be
truely cross-platform is to use relative paths or some
library that does different things for different
platforms manually.

Python lets you use unix-style paths on all platforms
anyway, so you don't really need to use os.path.join
at all.

Daniel Ehrenberg

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