[Tutor] Reviewing scripts

Daniel Ehrenberg littledanehren at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 12 16:10:27 EST 2004

Barnaby Scott wrote:
> Is there a place for people to ask for others'
> opinions of Python scripts they have written? Is
> *this* that place?
> I am asking because I have been working on one for
> some time now, and think it is as good as I can get
> it, but am still painfully aware of how much of a
> beginner I am and how much still I have to learn. A
> good critique of it would be very helpful, but I
> don't
> want to come here and bore everyone with it in case
> there is a better forum for this function (it is
> also
> quite long!) Any suggestions?

This can be used for short code snippets or you can
link to a place where you have a medium-length script.
But we don't want everyone sending in their code here
to be reviewed because then we'd be swamped, and your
idea for a code review website sounded useful, so I
made one at
http://zope.org/Members/LittleDan/CodeReview . You can
post your code there, if you want.

Daniel Ehrenberg

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