[Tutor] Why should I use Python??

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Jan 12 18:55:35 EST 2004

> I am reading the mailing list from last one month. I found lot of
> subscribers are starter.

That's because it's a list for beginners!
If you want a more in-depth discussion visit the comp.lang.python
usenet group.

> I am doing internet programming from last 5 years.
> I have a good experience using PHP. ....Do  I need to learn python.

If PHP works for you then no. If there is a problem you can't solve,
or would like to solve faster, or maybe more maintainably(?) then
look to see if Python would help.

> Where It could be more profitable in my career.

Anywhere where Python is used rather than PHP...

> 1. is python a better language to use in web development than  PHP?

No, not better just diffrent. It does some things better than PHP
but PHP has its own advantages, and PHP is better "tuned" to web
work whereas Python is intended for general programming.

> 2. Apart form web programming, where do I use  python and HOW?

Pretty much most things. Avoid high performamce games and device
drivers and operating systems. But for most user level programming
Python does fine.

> I am really interested to explore python more.

The easiest way is to dive in. You should have no problem running
through the offoicial tutorial in a day or so at most. Then just
write some programs. If you like it great, if not you've learned
a new language with some new features. That can only help your
PHP work too.

Alan G
Author of the Learn to Program web tutor

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