[Tutor] using the reduce function

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Fri Jan 23 06:36:01 EST 2004

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here is another solution; it's a bit nearer to the imperative one.  It
uses reduce with a default value (it wil also be a bit faster than the
first one).

def longer2 (ln, seq):
    lns = len(seq)
    if ln > lns: return ln
    else: return lns

def longest2 (seq):
    return reduce(longer2, seq, 0)

I think there is no further explaination necessary.


[my reply:]

I may be off-base here (since I've never used reduce() before), but can't
you just do this:

>>> reduce(lambda x,y: max(x,len(y)),['123456','23','1234567','1'],0)


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