[Tutor] vb6.0

Brian Wisti brian at coolnamehere.com
Thu Jan 29 16:15:27 EST 2004

If you have the will, then definitely give it a shot. There are a 
tremendous number of resources out there for learning Python, and most 
of them cost much much less than $1000. Learning Python will increase 
your understanding of programming in the same way that learning a new 
musical instrument will increase your understanding of music. I am more 
than a little biased, but I happen to think you will enjoy Python more 
and create more ambitious applications with Python, because it is so 
easy to get started - and stays right with you as your projects get more 

Python is free, the tutorials are plentiful and free, and the community 
is enthusiastic. Come on in, the water's fine :-)

Kind Regards,
Brian Wisti

big steve wrote:

> *  I guess I am not the "sharpest pencil in the drawer", cause I spent 
> $1000.00 for a on line course for vb6.0 and I am not a programmer 
> yet!  I did learn a lot about all the tools but if I had to write 
> anything more than "Hello, World" I would be in trouble. *
> *       Well that is a little extreme, but I sure did not get all I 
> thought I would out of this course. Now, am I just not made to 
> program?  Or do you think I could enhance my programming by studying 
> Python. I do have the will. I think my biggest problem is I have no 
> Idea of what I want to program.  I have downloaded the latest Python 
> so I am ready!  I guess I am asking for words of encouragement, got 
> any?  *
> *Thanks  Steve Hulett*
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