[Tutor] testing new style class properties using pyUnit ?

Duncan Gibson duncan at thermal.esa.int
Thu Jul 1 04:40:42 EDT 2004

dyoo .at. hkn . eecs . berkeley . edu said:
> Something strikes me weird though: if you're testing the set/get stuff,
> why not modify your test to:
>      def testSet(self):
>          a = A_New()
>          self.assertEqual(0, a.x)
>          a.x = 1
>          self.assertEqual(1, a.x)

Yes, you are quite right: keep it simple, stupid!

In the actual original code I had the more contorted
           self.assertEqual(None, a.set_x(1))
because I wanted to do as much as possible within the pyUnit context
and also because the original setter did a bit more behind the scenes
than is obvious from this simplified example.


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