[Tutor] Where should I save my programs?

John Matthews jmatthews at mcb-inc.com
Fri Jul 2 10:54:24 EDT 2004

I am a novice at programming, using Python 2.3.4 on Windows 2000.

I have been saving my programs directly in C:\Python23\. When looking 
through help and listing the available modules, it lists all of my 
'programs' along with the modules.

Some files I write are destined to be temporary, while others are for 
permanent projects. I also download examples that I would like to keep 
seperate from my 'junk'.

Can someone suggest a good folder organization that will not clutter up 
one of the 'official' Python folders and solve these other problems? If 
I need to give Python a path to my files, how does that work?

John Matthews
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