[Tutor] Creating functions with Ming

Alex Newby alex at alexnewby.com
Tue Jul 6 21:21:18 CEST 2004

I've been toying with Ming with intent to make language skill-building
exercises on the web. Currently, I've been translating the Astral
Trespassers example in O'Reilly's "Perl Graphics Programming" Chapter 9
freebie for Ming. 

All went well until I encountered the following function:

sub drawRect {
    my shape = shift;
    my ($w, $h, $dx, $dy) = @_;
    $shape->movePen($dx, $dy)
    $shape->drawLine($w, 0)
    $shape->drawLine(0, $h)
    $shape->drawLine(-$w, 0)
    $shape->drawLine(0, -$h)

I have little idea how to approximate this in Python. The Perl rendition
is essentially procedural. Whereas, the Python version I've slapped
together isn't so much.

This is the essential snippet:

from ming import *

def drawRect(self, w, h, x, y):
    movePenTo(x, y)
    drawLineTo(w, 0)
    drawLineTo(0, h)
    drawLineTo(-w, 0)
    drawLineTo(0, -h)
s = SWFShape()
s.setLeftFill(s.addFill(255, 0, 0))
s.drawRect(10, 10, -5, 0)
s.drawRect(40, 10, -20, 10)

I am aware that my function doesn't really do anything. 

This is a snippet from ming.py:

class SWFShape(SWFBase): 

    def movePenTo(self, x, y):
        mingc.SWFShape_movePenTo(self.this, x, y)

    def drawLineTo(self, x, y):
        mingc.SWFShape_drawLineTo(self.this, x, y)
    #Coincidentally, there is also a function called drawRect.
    #I thought to sub-class and received critical errors.

    def drawRect(self, rect):
        mingc.SWFShape_drawRect(self.this, rect.this);

If I don't sub-class I hear about drawFoo not being an attribute of
SWFShape. Any suggestions on what may be happening here.

Alex Newby 
E-mail: alex at alexnewby.com
Website: http://www.alexnewby.com

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